Meet The Team - Dave Stewart

Hello, and welcome to my section of Meet The Team. My name is Dave Stewart, I'm 25 years old, and one of the founders of GTX Technology. I founded GTX Technology in June 2010 as a Limited Company, with a sole aim to provide open source applications and games to the general public.

There are so many things to love about open source software. First of all, who doesn't love free stuff?; and secondly, you find something with open source applications that you don't find with the commercial apps. A helpful community that knows their product inside out, and are passionate about the work they've put into it. With commercial projects, the passion seems to be only driven by monetary gain. With open source projects on the other hand, the passion is in developing an application that will benefit people, and provide an open platform for collaboration.

My roles in Team Trinity

  • Project Founder
  • Project Co-Ordinator
  • Website Developer
  • General Development

My Background

My interest in computers is due to my father introducing me to them at a very early age. I actually started developing my own BBS system (remember those), at the age of 12, which was just about the time the BBS era was over and the Internet was first coming about. After a few months, I closed the BBS down and started concentrating on developing applications in Visual Basic 6. The apps weren't anything spectacular, mainly small order systems that would record client details and orders in a text file for printing.

I later moved onto developing websites in Microsoft Frontpage, as it came free with my Windows ME installation. The websites themselves weren't much to look at and didn't do an awful lot, but it was a required learning curve. I continued with my self-taught website development and eventually discovered PHP.

PHP allowed me to work with websites dynamically, which I had never done before. It used to be framesets and Javascript! But now, I could dynamically alter the layout and content of a page and even update this information from a database. Immediately after discovering this, I decided I had to learn it. So, I installed a pre-made php application and set about modifying it to do what I wanted it to as this seemed the best way to learn.

I continued with PHP, MySQL and XHTML design for many years, when I decided to take a look into ASP.NET - Now I'd heard about ASP before, and decided to stick to PHP. At the time ASP didn't seem to have all the functionality that PHP did, but a few years ago I decided to look into .NET - I started developing windows based applications using .NET Winforms in Visual Basic. Most of the syntax was pretty much the same as the old VB6 days. It was still a learning curve, but knowing VB6 made it a lot easier to pick up.

Once I'd gotten back into developing a few small winforms apps again, I set about developing a media player application for a radio station I was working for at the time. Basically, they wanted listeners to be able to download and install an application on their computer that allowed them to listen to the station, and interact with the presenters directly from the app. It was a relatively simple task, but being new to .NET, it was quite a task. Eventually, I decided to expand on my .NET development experience by learning C#.

C# came more naturally to me than VB did. I think it's the fact that I've worked with C and PHP in the past, and the syntax is the practically the same. C# seemed to be the more intelligent way to do things, and allowed you more control over your application than VB.

What I do now

Right now, I'm a full time web designer/developer for a company based just up the road from me in Warrington, UK. The company specialises in data management, and my role there is to basically design websites and UI's for CRM software. Very neat job! :)

You can talk to us

Should you wish to speak to us about anything, you're more than welcome to contact us. Even if it's just to say hello, or to tell us about your new project! Click here to contact us