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Welcome to GTX Studios. GTX was founded in January 2010 by two FPS gamers, Dave Carter, and Nik Harvey. Meeting online while playing a free open source FPS game, we ended up in the same clan, and one night on mumble we started to talk mapping.

As it turns out, both of us were mappers, and started creating third party content for the game. The maps were well received by the community, and by the second release, we had our own SVN, and were contributing on a daily basis. As well as the maps, we created some game server administration software, which has since seen good use and feedback from that community.

Between us, we have a background in programming, design, and modelling, but we'll go into that more below.

We decided to create GTX studios to explore the capabilities of the Unreal Engine, using the UDK. However, after some further researching, we decided to start our first project using the DarkPlaces engine. Our goal is to create fast paced, fragtastic FPS experiences for the players, while keeping the cost low of course. In the first instance, free! After that, who knows? Maybe the cost of a few beers, or maybe the beers themselves!

We don't want to give the impression that we're a faceless, multi-department business, because we're not. We're a small group of likeminded gamers, who wish to create!

Take care,

GTX Studios

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