Our chosen technology.

GTX Studios currently utilize the Darkplaces engine by LordHavoc. Darkplaces is a long term modification of the Quake engine, which has been actively developed for around 6 years. Initially, when we first founded GTX Studios, our primary goal was to utilize the UDK (Unreal Engine). While GTX will be utilizing new engines in the future, we believe that the best place to start is with Darkplaces.

The Darkplaces Engine.

The DarkPlaces engine utilizes the power of the OpenGL renderer. The engine code is highly optimized so even lower powered systems can still run the game, and provide an excellent player experience. The engine itself is cross compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, which was one of our key reasons for choosing this engine.

While the majority of computers out there today run Microsoft operating systems (Windows XP/Vista/7), more and more people are turning to Linux as a Windows alternative, in flavours such as Ubuntu. Also, we can't forget our mac users.

When in the planning stage, we wrote up some of the pro's and con's for each engine. While all engines considered did have very strong pro points, DarkPlaces came out on top.

Here are just some of the pro's we listed for DarkPlaces:

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