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A little bit about GTX Studios.

GTX Studios was founded in January 2010 by two FPS gamers, Dave Carter, and Nik Harvey. Meeting online while playing a free open source FPS game, we ended up in the same clan, and one night on mumble we started to talk mapping. As it turns out, both of us were mappers, and started creating third party content for the game. The maps were well received by the community, and by the second release, we had our own SVN, and were contributing on a daily basis. As well as the maps, we created some game server administration software, which has since seen good use and feedback from that community.

The TeamSpeek

  • There are so many things to love about open source software. First of all, who doesn't love free stuff?; and secondly, you find something with open source applications that you don't find with the commercial apps. A helpful community.

    Dave Stewart (Founder)
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  • Open source software is the driving force behind the evolution of software. If it weren't for open source software and code sharing, the software we use today would resemble the software of yesterday.

    Rebecca Rowe (Quality Control)
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  • Open source to me, means a fantastic starting point for budding software developers to sink their teeth into some fantastic, professional level products and gain real experience, as it offers fantastic tools and customisation without the thousands of dollars it costs to purchase professional product licenses.

    Guy Dishington (Concept Artist)
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